Bringing vulnerable children back into education and away from child labour, child marriage and a life on the streets.

The Anglican Children's Programme recognises how important it is to work in partnership with businesses and organisations both here in Zambia and overseas. 

We have been incredibly fortunate to have received amazing support from organisations and individuals – some in the form of very generous donations or in-kind on-the-ground sponsorship and others in the form of international partnerships providing expertise.

By working with partners in the public and private sectors, and with our local communities, we have been able to achieve so much more than we ever dreamt of, and it is these partnerships which are helping us to deliver long-term sustainability for all our projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone we are working with for their valuable support and assistance.

Anglican Diocese of Lusaka
Emma White, Farmor’s School, UK
Inger Gretland
Kaunda Square Anglican Parish
Priston and Timsbury Parish, UK

Partner with us

If you would like to partner with us to work together to develop and build on all that we are achieving, please contact either The Livingstone Initiative  (UK) or Father Katete in Zambia.

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We welcome donations and if you would like to donate to one of our projects in particular, please state this when you fill out the donation form. Please click on the link below. All funding donated through Donorbox via The Livingstone Initiative will go straight to ACP in Zambia.