St Matthias Community School

St. Matthias Community School is located in Ng'ombe, one of the poorest and densely populated areas of Lusaka. Here there are a large number of low-income families which are unable to support their children, hence the high proportion of children unable to access education. There are now 400 children from nursery to Grade 7 at the school, with six volunteer teachers. Psychosocial counselling is also provided for the children at the school.

Help us to provide better classrooms

The Anglican Children's Programme has established a community school in St Matthias church hall in the Ng'ombe district of Lusaka. This includes catering for over 400 children per day in a makeshift kind of arrangement, hoping that one day the children will be housed in a well-structured classroom for their education.

The class set-up at St Matthias is a makeshift one, with four classrooms separated by church benches. This allows for 3 streams per session. 

Despite the extreme overcrowding in the church hall, the school has been recording 100% pass rate. The concentration levels for the poor children are so amazingly great that they surpass some children from well-to-do schools.

It is our prayer that one day our dream to have a better school will come true.

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The Church hall is sub-divided so that four classes can be held simultaneously in three streams each day. The first stream attends the morning session (07:00hrs to 10:00hrs), the mid-morning stream from 10:00hrs to 13:00hrs and the afternoon stream from 13:30hrs to 16:00hrs. The upper classes have full-day sessions.

'Street kids' deserve a chance...

We want them to be able to smile again!